Best of the Week – 11th November 2019

Mura Masa and Slowthai – Deal Wiv It

‘Deal Wiv It’ is the second time that Mura Masa and Slowthai have worked together, the last time being on 2018’s ‘Doorman’. This groovy, Streets-esque track is proof that this pairing can only make bangers.

Glowie – Unlovable

This new single from Icelandic pop artist Glowie is a real toe tapper. A clean funky guitar riff and a catchy but melancholic melody make this track stand out, but it’s Glowie’s effortlessly cool vocals that sit at the heart of this charming single.

Jessie Ware – Mirage (Don’t Stop)

Parekh & Singh – Drum Machine

A really chill, melodic new single from Parekh & Singh, with simplistic but charming synths backing a really pleasant, chirpy song about being nervous to phone someone up.

JK COLLECTIVE – Movie Scenes

This is only the second track to come from JK COLLECTIVE, the first single from their
upcoming debut EP ‘Modern Romance Over The Phone’, but this shimmery, introspective pop tune is very polished and beautifully produced with layers of gentle synths.
Hot Shorts – Summer of 2012

A really fun, upbeat punky track reminiscent of Dandy Warhols and Spring King, Summer of 2012 by Hot Shorts looks back on that titular time period through the means of a complete banger.


The Lottery Winners – Little Things

Instantly catchy and familiar and with a massive chorus, The Lottery Winners have come through with a certified indie banger here with ‘Little Things’.

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