The Clause live at Cafe Totem, Sheffield Review

Recently signed Birmingham based indie rock quartet The Clause played a set at Sheffield’s Cafe Totem on 16th November with support from The Kecks and the Cucamaras. I went down to check it out, and was very glad I did.

The Cucamaras

The Cucamaras were opening the night, and played an energetic set; really getting the sweaty Cafe Totem going early on in the evening, especially with their latest single ‘Please Not Tonight’.

Next up were The Kecks, a band based all over the world with members from Australia, France, Austria and the UK.

The Kecks

Sounding somewhere between The Horrors and Suede, The Kecks really impressed me with their varied sound and tight musicianship which lead to a really enjoyable show.

Closing proceedings for the evening at Cafe Totem were The Clause.

The Clause

A few days before their set at Cafe Totem, The Clause announced that they had signed to Universal Music. After seeing their set, it’s not hard to see why. The band were extremely polished but managing this without being completely boring. Dressed like a modern The Jam in very smart suits, The Clause delivered an extremely tight set in Sheffield. Highlights included a mashup of their song ‘Don’t Hate The Player’ and Abba’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ and their latest single ‘In My Element’, which you can check out below.

The Clause are very promising and I’m excited to see where they go from here.



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