You’re With Somebody Now: Tamzene Interview

I had a chat to upcoming Scottish singer-songwriter Tamzene about her latest soulful pop ballad of a single ‘You’re With Somebody Now’, talking about the inspiration behind the track and her plans for the future.


What was the inspiration behind ‘You’re With Somebody Now’ ?

“This song is really honest and is my own story.”

“It’s about watching your first love move on, and I wanted to capture the BIG emotions that entails. So it had to be a big old ballad.. ”

What other artists inspired you when writing it?

“I was listening to a lot of Ashe and Sasha Sloan, who are queens of hitting the spot with lyrics.”

“But the song happened very fast, and my co-writer and producer Lewis Gardiner knew exactly where it needed to go. So it came very organically from the writing session.”

Do you feel that your Scottish heritage comes through in your songwriting?

“It definitely influences my lyrics.”

“I’m very inspired by the nature up here, and often reach for those themes when I’m writing. I also think that growing up in the rural Highlands encouraged my creativity a lot, and allowed me to explore it without the distraction of comparison or the presence of industry. ”


What do you have planned next music wise?

I have some more new tunes on their way, which I’m really excited to share as I’ve been writing a lot over the past two years. And myself and my amazing band will be back playing live in 2020, first up is Eurosonic in January!


You can check out Tamzene on Twitter here, and stream her other singles so far on Spotify here.


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