Frozen 2 Movie Review

The original Frozen was one of the most successful movies ever made, with it being the highest grossing animated movie of all time, so a sequel was obviously going to happen. However, this was no rush job to cash in on the success as it has been 6 years since the first Frozen, and the attention to detail and high quality of all aspects of this movie really shows.


The sequel sees Elsa tempted into an enchanted forest by a mysterious voice that she feels can uncover the truth about the past, which becomes even more vital once it becomes clear that the gang will not be able to leave said forest, or free those that have been trapped there for decades, until all is put right.

The first thing that hit me was just how pretty the animation is. Without spoiling too much a lot of different elements are at play in ‘Frozen 2’, with water, air and earth all being central to the plot; each of these look spectacular in their individual set pieces, but it goes even further when they all come together.

The big track ‘Into The Unknown’ is suitably grand and dramatic, but I feel it doesn’t go too over the top like a certain song from the original movie. ‘All Is Known’ is the standout for me; repeated like a motif throughout ‘Frozen 2’, the song is at the heart of the story and is really effective and powerful during a certain scene at an important point in the movie. The version by country star Kacey Musgraves that plays in the credits is a lovely bonus too.

Perhaps even more impressive is the character development shown in ‘Frozen 2’, with all of the main cast all being complex and fully realised; even Olaf the snowman has some  moments of maturity. The themes of maturity and change being inevitable are strong throughout the movie, and they are handled in a way that doesn’t treat the viewers like idiots either. Olaf even outright says during one of the songs that we’ve all got a little bit older.


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