Jack Whitehall Live at Sheffield Arena Review

Jack Whitehall brought his latest stand-up tour, ‘Stood Up’ to Sheffield Arena on the 1st December 2019, with opening acts Lloyd Griffith and Tom Ward.

Lloyd was a great opening act, effortlessly getting involved with the crowd and getting the whole arena laughing almost instantly. The same is to be said of Tom Ward, with his witty material about song intros my highlight of his set.

Jack kicked off his set with a fun, ‘Greatest Showman’ inspired intro, with great dancers, pyro and a real sense of spectacle to get the crowd excited, and Jack kept that level of energy and enthusiasm going throughout the night.

While doing material about vegans, Aldi/Lidl and Brexit is extremely predictable in 2019, Jack approached each subject with vigour; cleverly written, original jokes and anecdotes and running gags made the show really enjoyable.

Routines about the shit conveyor belt toasters in hotels and performing a private show to Charles and Camilla were really brought to life by Jack’s constant energy, with no area of the massive stage left untouched.

One of the highlights of the show was a routine about Jack constantly being out-done during his school years, with teachers having to come up with roles for him to be for his school plays. Following this, the evening came to a close with a re-imagined pantomime, with a full cast of singers and dancers joining Jack performing this mini musical, and with him even being lifted into the air on wires towards the end.

His material might not be anything groundbreaking or overly ‘clever’, but it takes real skill to have that many simple, but effective jokes that don’t sound tired or dug up from the past, and his charisma and charm made sure that the 13,000 strong crowd went home happy.


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