Shed Seven Live at Baths Hall, Scunthorpe Review

With a band like Shed Seven, who were there at the heart of britpop, there’s always a risk that they will rely too heavily on nostalgia and just pump out a heartless greatest hits set. Thankfully, they quickly proved that was not going to be the case, kicking off their set with 2017’s ‘Room In My House’ from their latest album ‘Instant Pleasures.’


Make no mistake, this was a hit-filled set, with the likes of ‘Going for Gold’ ‘On Standby’ and ‘Getting Better’ all being big crowd pleasers, but frontman Rick Witter approached each song with such energy with his vocals still sounding like they did back in the 90s, and the entire band were so tight that you would have believed that this was a band in it’s early prime.

The scattered tracks from their latest album stood up to their biggest hits, with no song causing a lull in the set. Every time a song started, someone different in the crowd would cheer ecstatically as if there absolute favourite song was being played.

Ending the show with two big hitters in a row in ‘Disco Down’ and ‘Chasing Rainbows’, Shed Seven left the Baths Hall in very good spirits, and left me very impressed.



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