The Bootleg Beatles live at Sheffield City Hall review

The Bootleg Beatles formed back in 1980 and have been the premier Beatles tribute act ever since. They are the closest you will ever get to actually seeing the Fab Four live.

Kicking things off with a set of early hits like ‘All My Loving’ and ‘She Loves You’, it was instantly clear just how precise the Bootlegs were. All of the guitars looked spot on, the vocal harmonies were creepily good and the John and George were almost doubles.

The Bootleg Beatles show comes across as sort of part-theatre part-concert, as the lads all do great impressions of the band too and have great banter with the audience. They go off for several costume changes with themed videos of iconic 60s moments playing on the big screen to keep the crowd entertained.

Throughout the show they covered all aspects of The Beatles’ career from their Cavern days, Shea Stadium, Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt Pepper. However the main focus of the evening was Abbey Road, as that iconic album was celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year, with the band playing an impressive non-stop medley of tracks from it.

Managing to nail the sound of later tracks like I Am The Walrus and Eleanor Rigby that The Beatles themselves never played live, accompanied by a mini-orchestra and brass section, just adds to the impressive nature of the show. You certainly get your moneys worth too, with over 37 tracks being played on the night.

Great fun, incredible musicianship and perfect imitations make this show one of the best around. You can easily tell they are having as much fun as the audience and you don’t have to worry about missing them, as they are pretty much always on tour.




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