Tyrese Pope Interview

Massachusetts born rapper Tyrese Pope is quickly rising through the ranks and is consistently bringing out inspired new cuts, already releasing 7 tracks this year. I caught up with him just before he released ‘No Hook pt 2.’

What is the inspiration behind your single ‘One Day’?
 I wrote “One Day” because I’ve been writing music for 15 years without gaining any traction, but I didn’t stop, because I always felt like I would do it one day like the song says. Even when it looked like I couldn’t make anything out of the music, I kept writing because I believed in myself so whole-heartedly.

Are you excited about the upcoming release of ‘No Hook pt 2’ and what can we expect from it?
I’m incredibly excited for No Hook Pt. 2 to come out because it’s a really personal song, and it’s set to release on my birthday (January 24th). As the title would suggest, there is no hook. It’s just me rapping for like two and a half minutes straight, and I’m talking about how I’m doing this to put my family in a better place and because I truly love the craft. You can expect hard-hitting bars with heavy lyricism and wordplay. It’s one of my favorite tracks I’ve done.

Are there any recent albums or singles released that you have loved?
Eminem just dropped a new album, and I haven’t gone through all of it yet, but I really like the track Godzilla. I’ve also been bumpin “Ballin'” by Roddy Rich, I just feel like he’s about to make some major moves in the game.

What other artists inspire your work and why?
My dad is who got me into rapping, because he was signed to Def Jam when he was a rapper. He was actually on my first album on the song “Bar Fight”. He was Mista 45th. Despite his ties to the industry in the past, I haven’t had any connections to help gain any traction, which is why the song “No Hook Pt. 2” means so much to me. Of course I’ve been inspired by the greats like Eminem, Rakim, J. Cole, but I try to blend a lot of different sounds when I rap. Although my best friend, Noah Diggs, and I build off of each other a lot when we rap and have grown a lot together. He also has some music on the way, so watch out for that.

Follow Tyrese on Twitter here, and on Spotify here.

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