Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Review

Up until the recent Detective Pikachu movie, which was surprisingly charming and was a real love letter to Pokémon, films based on video games have rarely been anything to ring home about. When the first trailer for Sonic dropped with that design, everyone’s worst fears seemed to have come true with the blue blur’s cinematic debut on course to be a train wreck. One redesign and a few reshoots later, Jeff Fowler’s adaptation seemed to be back on track.

Sonic The Hedgehog sees the title character living a secret life on earth after fleeing a dangerous gang his home planet. Living this life of solitude sends Sonic crazy, resulting in him causing a huge energy wave, notifying the U.S. Government of hos whereabouts. In comes Jim Carrey’s Robotnik.

Both Sonic and Dr. Robotnik are perfectly cast. Jim definitely carries parts of the movie, with him playing the mad scientist in peak 90’s comedy Carrey style. The rapport between Sonic voiced by Ben Schwartz and Robotnik is genuinely really funny & are the highlights of the film.

The movie itself is nothing groundbreaking, with the ‘animated character comes to earth’ thing having been done several times over; even Sonic star James Marsden has done a similar style of film recently with Hop.

James Marsden plays ‘Donut Lord’ Tom, a small town cop longing for a more exciting life who ends up protecting and befriending Sonic. It’s really heartwarming to witness their relationship grow throughout the film, and their interactions are some of the funniest moments too.

Overall, Sonic is a fairly standard kids’ movie, but it’s one with a lot of heart, some great performances at it’s heart and the right amount of fanservice thrown in to make this a memorable romp. There is an end credits scene that heavily hints at a sequel involving more involvement of the extended Sonic cast, and I really hope it gets made. Fast.