Fresh Blossom: KLARA Interview

I spoke to Swedish Singer-Songwriter KLARA about her debut album ‘Blossom’, the inspirations behind it, and what her inspirations behind the project are.


How do you feel about the reaction to your album so far?

Friends & fans & reviews have given me so much positive feedback it has made me really proud of what my creative team and I accomplished together. It’s the coolest thing to follow an idea from a seed of thought to putting the icing on the cake in terms of hearing the last string parts go on top of my track or listening back to the first rough mix in Peter Gabriel’s powerful speakers in the big room at Real World Studios. I never forget those moments when things finally fall into place and the music sounds how I imagined. So fascinating and rewarding. Thanks to everyone who has listened to my record so far! Vinyl coming soon too. Can’t wait! 

What made you choose ‘Blossom’ as the title track for the album?

When I wrote the title track ‘Blossom’ I was just on my way back from Justin Vernon’s festival in Eau Claire and feeling super inspired. That kind of creative mood where you just have to take a pen and paper and start writing down your thoughts, even if you’re in a car on a road trip, haha. This song just like the whole album talks about the incredible ways we humans work so hard to move things from a seed to blossom and how intense and fun it can be, but how fragile and isolated you can feel on that journey too. A line from the chorus is ‘To everyone who always feel they’re looking in from the outside’ which for me represents just that struggle of no matter how far you have come there is always something in you that compares you to someone else or is not happy with where you are at the moment, or struggling with the feeling of loneliness even if you are in the middle of a big party! Blossom represents hopes and dreams but it’s got to have some darkness in it too, to represent the lives we all live! 


What was meeting with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver Like?

I randomly met him at a backstage bar at Glastonbury and we had a drink together and a chat about music. He was so warm hearted and generous that he invited me to the first two summers of the festival that he and Aaron Dessner (from The National) set up in Justin’s hometown Eau Claire where he grew up and where he has his studio ‘April Base’ in which he recorded most of his albums. It was lovely to meet him and to hang out with him and his creative friends at his wonderful festival that they have artistically curated so well!! 

What have you been listening to lately that has inspired you?

The artist I listened to the most last year is probably Phoebe Bridgers. I like her for her beautiful voice and the way she writes her songs lyrically & melodically! Randomly my photographer Olof Grind who took all the photos for my record just took the photo for her new single cover too so life works in mysterious ways sometimes!

I also love lots of these UK artists that I have found during my time living in London like Ben Howard, The Staves, London Grammar, Daughter & Bears Den. You notice how small the music world in London is when you realise Bear’s Den has their studio in the same building as my studio in Paul Epworth’s Church Studios in North London. That is just lovely! If you like folk and you haven’t yet seen the documentary ‘From Austin to Boston’ I highly recommend it. It’s filled with music from a lot of the bands I mentioned above when they go on a tour across America in these cute Volkswagen vans that break down every week.

You can listen to ‘Blossom’ here, and hear KLARA talk more in-depth about the album on The Magnificent Singer podcast here.



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