New Review Friday – 13th March 2020

COBRAH – Debut: A Dark, groovy synth pop track with catchy hooks and original production make this new track from Swedish popper COBRAH stand out. 80%

The Killers – Caution: A searing, positive track from the Vegas indie heavyweights, giving me very 2012 era Killers vibes. 70%

Alice Phoebe Lou – Witches: ‘Witches’ is a well written, really charming piece of lo-fi indie pop from Alice. 92%

Cowgirl – Over It: Premiered on WYM earlier this week, ‘Over It’ is a groovy indie-rock banger with Weezer & Dandy Warhols vibes. 90%

Denai Moore – Cascades: ‘Cascades’ is a really smooth synth-pop tune from Denai Moore, with silky smooth vocals. 75%

Mxmtoon – Quiet Motions: ‘quiet motions’ is another beautifully written track from Mxmtoon, with this being a soothing, folky ballad. 90%

Biffy Clyro – End Of: A heavier cut compared to previous single ‘Instant History’, ‘End Of’ is a pure Biffy banger. 85%

renforshort – teenage angst EP: A great debut EP from renforshort full of punchy, catchy songs that fuse elements of punk, indie rock and pop together seamlessly. 94%

Eerie Gaits – Saw You Through The Trees: A really pleasant instrumental, folky cut from Eerie Gaits here, with the images created by the track really matching the title. 80%

Es – Hidden Track: ‘Hidden Track’ is a great, atmospheric, punchy piece of indie-punk from Es, taken from their upcoming debut album ‘Less of Everything’ 80%



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