Lady Gaga – Chromatica Album Review

After a detour from straight up pop-bangers on her last album proper ‘Joanne’ and then her starring role in ‘A Star Is Born’ which spawned mega-hit ‘Shallow’, this new Gaga album is a return to what she does best.

The album’s front end has a double hitter of ‘Stupid Love’ into Rain on Me’, the latter featuring Ariana Grande, and these two back to back set the bar super early on in the album, with them being two of her biggest bangers to date.

Unfortunately, a fair few tracks on the album fall flat, with the likes of ‘Free Woman’, ‘Alice’ and ‘Plastic Doll’ all being really unmemorable; if they were just left off the album it would probably improve the flow in a big way.

A few orchestral interludes are scattered throughout the album, each of them being named ‘Chromatica.’ ‘Chromatica II’ precedes ‘911’, and the transition between these two is super slick and a real highlight on the album.

‘Sour Candy’ featuring K-Pop stars Blackpink is another album highlight, another punchy pop cut under 3 mins in length this is when the album is at its best, especially when followed by ‘Enigma’ which sounds straight up 2009 ‘Just Dance’ era Gaga.

‘Sine From Above’ is a duet with Elton John, and it’s the best i’ve heard him sound in recent years. If ‘Chromatica’ was a sci-fi movie, this would definitely be the big tune that plays at the start of the credits with a really cool animated sequence behind it.

This is a pure pop album with no pretence, and it’s what Lady Gaga does best; the features on the album are all picked perfectly and only add to the few songs they are on. 6 albums in and she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Good.


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