What The Golf? Review (Nintendo Switch)

When you first start ‘What The Golf?’, it looks and plays like a standard crazy golf type game. Nice graphics, pleasant sound design. This should be easy! Then, a few courses in, you swing and the golfer himself is thrown along the course instead of the ball. Then you’re flinging a house about. It only gets weirder from there.

As you progress through ‘What The Golf?’, you never quite know what you will be playing with next, with an insane amount of game mechanics and types of puzzles to solve thrown in.

The most impressive thing to me is how well each of these different styles of play are implemented into the game, while still somehow feeling like you’re playing golf (almost).

There is one level where you’re playing as a wheely office chair and it even slowed down when you went over a rug, and there are quite a few levels parodying popular games that just feel spot on. I won’t spoil too many as I felt like the most fun I had playing this game was when I was surprised by, for example, a brilliant Super Hot parody.

The attention to detail in this game is amazing, and I really did not expect to laugh so much. As soon as one type of gameplay was getting a bit boring or repetitive, the next course would mix it up in some way and make me laugh again.

For pure fun for a few hours, I can’t really recommend this game enough.


What The Golf? is available on Nintendo Switch, PC and Apple Arcade. I was provided with this game free of charge in order to review.

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