51 Worldwide Games Review (Nintendo Switch)

On the surface, 51 Worldwide games may look like a basic collection of simple games, but the attention to detail, lovely visuals and great gameplay make this a must-buy for the Switch.

All of the standard board and card games are included here; the likes of Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Blackjack and Uno are all present, but perhaps the most impressive, and most fun, are the mini versions of popular sports, with the Toy Baseball and Curling being a highlight for me.

Each of the games has a tutorial delivered by on-screen ‘figures’, who act as your guide throughout the game. These tutorials are really informative and simply written, which is handy as a lot of these games are ones you likely haven’t heard of before.

As the name ’51 Worldwide Games’ suggests, a fair amount of these games come from a variety of countries from round the world, with the likes of Shogi and Hanafuda fitting in perfectly alongside well known classics like Dominoes and Draughts.

Some of the games are more in-depth than others, for example the Darts, Golf and Bowling games let you play full-length matches of those sports, whereas if you are looking for something to kill a few minutes the likes of Toy Tennis, Slot Cars and Toy Boxing are perfect.

All of these games look really slick, with there being extra details in each of them that just add to that feeling of playing these games for real.

The online play works really well too, when playing both with friends and random people online there was no noticeable slowdown in play.

This is the type of game that should have been included with the Switch at launch, it feels like an essential that you won’t really get bored with.


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