Taylor Swift – Folklore Album Review

Taylor Swift’s album cycles are often long, drawn out affairs with massive singles and bombastic big budget music videos in the lead up to release, with fans chomping at the bit to hear her latest effort.

With ‘folkore’, Taylor announced the album via Twitter mere hours before it released; an album she had written and recorded in isolation over the past few months and wanted to get it out into the world as, soon as possible. It’s a good job she did, as ‘folklore’ is her strongest, most cohesive project to date.

Drafting in the talents of Aaron Dessner of The National and Jack Antonoff for production, Taylor has assembled a stripped back, indie-folk album that really shows off her raw songwriting skills. ‘cardigan’ is an early highlight for me; it being one of those melodies you swear you have heard before it being so simple and effective.

‘exile’ is a duet with Bon Iver, The track plays out like a couple giving two different sides of the same story and centres around a really haunting, beautiful piano melody with Justin and Taylor meshing really well together.

Later on in the album, ‘august’ is looking out the window on a rainy summers’ day perfectly encapsulated in a song, with a really catchy chorus and ‘mad woman’ tackles the subject of the media’s narrative about her life focusing on her relationships in a super sharp and witty way.

This album brings out the best in Taylor; the production and whole concept and vibe of this album really showcases her songwriting and lyricism and has shown her at her full potential. Feels like the album she has always wanted to make.


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