Track Review: Pozi – KCTMO

KCTMO is the debut single from new London band Pozi, written during the aftermath of the Grenfell tower fire.

The track itself is a brutally honest, open-hearted encounter of what it was like to be near Grenfell at the time, and the anger Vocalist & Drummer Toby Burroughs felt; with lyrics like ‘Deadly damages are due’ Pozi aren’t holding back. Good.

Sonically, the track comes in somewhere halfway between the Maccabees and The Streets. ‘KCTMO’ has an irresistible bassline and a pounding drumbeat that really grab your attention, and the haunting violin that creeps in throughout keeps you hooked.

Very promising stuff for a debut single.


Pozi have 2 upcoming London shows:

31 Oct – London, The Curtain Hotel (PRAH Halloween Party)
27 Nov – London, Moth Club


New Release Roundup 26th October 18


Self Esteem- Rollout: The strongest track from Rebecca LT so far in my opinion. A great hypnotic melody with great harmonies over a great, funky percussion track. Very promising for a debut full length. 90%

Ian Brown – First World Problems: It’s good to have the monkey man back, with a new solo album coming next year. This new track is a groovy number, and Ian’s voice sounds on top form. Very exciting. 84%

Razorlight – Carry Yourself: A fairly pleasant, non threatening indie tune from Razorlight here, its not bad at all but it would fit in perfectly in a sofa sale advert or the opening of a cookery show. 70%

Lauren Jauregui – Expectations: A smooth, soulful slow jam from Lauren J here that really showcases her strong vocals; showing real emotion and passion while maintaining good control. Gooood. 80%

Bring Me The Horizon ft. Dani Filth – Wonderful Life: The second single from BMTH’s upcoming ‘amo’ album is another top tune. A bit heavier than Mantra, but just as catchy and not too over the top. Dani puts in a good feature too. 81%

Mumford & Sons – If I Say: This would be an alright, subtle growing track but Marcus’ voice is so grating, especially when its the focus of the track. Nah. 30%

Gerard Way – Baby You’re a Haunted House: This new track from emo king Gerard Way is a glam rock esque rock banger. It’s My Chemical Romance meets The Sweet, and its not bad at all. 80%

Cardi B – Money: Not a fan of this one at all. Usually Cardi has some funny bars that show she is still down to earth but this just seems like a big brag-fest. 20%


Peter Raeburn – Note To Self: A lovely, thoughtful collection of songs from Peter here. Sounding somewhere inbetween Fleet Foxes and I am Kloot, ‘Note To Self’ has great, stripped back production. ‘Never Gone’ is an album highlight for me, with haunting harmonies throughout. 80%



Nick J.D. Hodgson Interview

Nick J.D. Hodgson just released his debut solo single, Suitable. I asked him some quick questions about the single, songwriting and more.

How does it feel to have your first solo single out?
I forgot how good it is to release music. It’s a very exciting moment when it actually goes live and people start to react to it. You always spend so long in the studio listening to the same bars that you almost become immune to it so when it comes out it suddenly feels fresh. As for being solo, yeh I like it. Lots of work to do cos I’m the label and publisher too but I’ve had 5 years off sooooo.

You’ve written and produced for a lot of other artists; are there any new upcoming acts that you would like to work with?
I think Jorja Smith is really good. She has an amazing effortless voice. Would be cool to write with her.

How does it differ writing stuff that will eventually have your own name on it compared to writing for others or as part of a band?
It’s easier in a way because I only have to get inside my head. Also you don’t have to try and please anyone else. Although It does mean you’ve got nowhere to hide which can be scary. In the band I had a drum kit in front of me, it’s a good place to keep your head down if people aren’t digging it!

What is your favourite album of the year so far?
There’s two. The Cribs, 24-7 Rock Star Shit and Jay Z 4:44

Listen to ‘Suitable’ below:

SOTD 11/7/17 – Dutch Uncles: Streetlight 

Dutch Uncles have song of the day with ‘Streetlight’ –  Check out the brilliant new video below:

Streetlight is the latest single from Dutch Uncles’ amazing ‘Big Balloon’ album which came out earlier this year. The Salford lads have also got lots of live dates lined up for the rest of the year:
​28 July – Standon Calling Festival                12 August – Watergate Bay, Boardmasters  Festival                                                              09 September – New Mills Festival, Art Theatre                                                              15 September – Newcastle, Home Gathering Festival                                          16 September – Ramsbottom, Head For The Hills Festival                                                    11 November – Manchester, Albert Hall  02 December – Leeds, Brudenell (Us vs. Them 2017)

Yesterday’s song of the day was ‘The Pit’ by Public Service Broadcasting. Check out the playlist below for all of them from this year so far:

SOTD 10/7/17 – Public Service Broadcasting: The Pit

Public Service Broadcasting have song of the day with ‘The Pit’:

‘The Pit’ is taken from their new album, ‘Every Valley’ which is out now.

The last song of the day was from Palehound, with recent additions from Vince Staples and Tayla. For all of the 2017 Songs of the Day, check out the playlist below.

SOTD 22/6/27 – Tayla: Coming Back Around

Tayla has song of the day with ‘Coming Back Around’

The follow up single to 2016’s very well recieved ‘Call Me Danger‘, ‘Coming Back Around’ ‘is pretty much about avoiding bad vibes and bad people that want to fuck you over when things are going good for you.’ Tayla explains.

The last song of the day was Migraines by Trash. Hear all of them from 2017 in the playlist below:


Peaness – Are You Sure? EP Review

Having heard the lead single ‘Same Place’ before the EP, I had high hopes that the other tracks they would come out with would be a similar standard of lo-fi indie goodness. They were!

‘Same Place’ is a great piece of lo-fi indie pop that will stick in your head for days, and sums up the fun, lighthearted sound of the rest of the EP, but the subject matter isn’t as postivive, with the opening track ‘Oh George’ focusing on evil lizard man George Osbourne, with cutting lyrics like ‘You lied to me and my family’ and ‘ You only think of your own’

The final two tracks on the EP, ‘Skin Surfing’ and ‘Ugly Veg’ are highlights for me, the former having a shoegazey, Elastica vibe and the latter having a bouncy bassline alongside an upbeat, funky guitar riff, rounding the project up with a summery burst.


Best Track: Same Place