Green Book – Movie Review

Green Book is a movie about master pianist Don Shirley and how he negotiated a tour of the deep south of the U.S.A in 1962. Don is played by Mahershala Ali, and his newly recruited driver/road manager Viggo Mortensen. The two of them are simply brilliant on-screen together.

Green Book is nominated for several Oscars, and it’s clear to see why. It manages to be funny, charming and tackle the issue of segregation in the deep south without the movie ever becoming too preachy or patronising to the viewer. The titular Green Book is

Both Viggo and Mahershala shine in their respective roles and are fully believable as their characters. The surrounding cast are also brilliant, with none of the characters seeming one-dimensional or shoehorned in; you can believe everybody shown has their own story.

Throughout the film, you witness Tony Lip’s character development while seeing Dr Shirley slowly warm up to his ways, and this slow-burn friendship is genuinely heartwarming, and seeing the chemistry between the two characters grow is the real heart of Green Book.

A truly great movie.



Oscar live at The Harley review


The support act on the night came from PC Music esque Girli:



At first making a few people in the crowd uncomfortable, she quickly won them over with what her Facebook page describes as “Bubblegum Pop Brit Rap Punk Electronic”, dragging a few very enthusiastic fans of hers onto the stage towards the end of her set to dance.

Having seen Oscar live before earlier in the year at Outlines Festival, I sort of knew what to expect from him. However, since February Oscar has released his debut album, Cut and Paste, and with it his live show has expanded to include these new songs, and his single ‘Breaking my Phone’ came with an extra slice of Girli, as she features on an updated version of the track.


Oscar played lots of the songs from Cut and Paste, as well as a few older cuts like 15, and ending on recent AIM Best Video Award winning single ‘Sometimes.’ The only bad thing that came out of the show really was that I had Daffodil Days in my head for a good few days.

Oscar takes up the guitar for ‘Sometimes’



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Oscar to play at the Harley on Wednesday 28th September

Fresh off the back of releasing his brilliant debut album, Cut and Paste, Oscar will be playing a show at The Harley, Sheffield on Wednesday 28th September.


Support on the night will come from Girli.

The show is 18+ and tickets are available here for £6.60 (incl. 60p booking fee.)

You can watch Oscar’s Independent music award winning video for his single ‘Sometimes’ below: