Quick Questions with Peaness

I gave some quick questions to Jess, bassist/singer in Cheshire indie trio Peaness.

What is your favourite live venue and why?

“My favourite live venue…hmmm…I have a few, but I’ll go with a local venue here in Chester called Telfords Warehouse. It sounds great on stage and out front, all the staff are super nice, they look after you, pay you, feed you, and it’s always full of our buddies. All the bands here in Chester support each other and it’s just a lovely place to hang out together, plus it’s above the canal!”

Are there any venues you would love to play?

“We would have loved to have played The Kazimier in Liverpool before it got knocked down to build stupid flats.”

What was the last album you bought and on what format?

Image result for margaret glaspy emotions and math“It was Margaret Glaspy’s “Emotions and Math” on 12 inch vinyl.”

If you could support any act, who would it be?

“The Beatles 1963 – 1966.”

The closing track on your EP is ‘Ugly Veg’ –  what is the track about? And what are each of your least favourite vegetables?

“Ugly Veg is about how our beautiful planet is dying right before our eyes but no one really seems to be doing anything about it. My least favourite vegetable? I’m really not into sweet corn. Peas and love to all. “

Peaness’ latest EP ‘Are You Sure’ is out now. Watch the video for ‘Same Place’ below:



Peaness – Are You Sure? EP Review

Having heard the lead single ‘Same Place’ before the EP, I had high hopes that the other tracks they would come out with would be a similar standard of lo-fi indie goodness. They were!

‘Same Place’ is a great piece of lo-fi indie pop that will stick in your head for days, and sums up the fun, lighthearted sound of the rest of the EP, but the subject matter isn’t as postivive, with the opening track ‘Oh George’ focusing on evil lizard man George Osbourne, with cutting lyrics like ‘You lied to me and my family’ and ‘ You only think of your own’

The final two tracks on the EP, ‘Skin Surfing’ and ‘Ugly Veg’ are highlights for me, the former having a shoegazey, Elastica vibe and the latter having a bouncy bassline alongside an upbeat, funky guitar riff, rounding the project up with a summery burst.


Best Track: Same Place